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Aug 27, 2016 - 06:22 PM  
CATFISHING, planer bobber BASS FISHING trolling  

Lucky 7-11
planer bobber
BASS FISHING technique

Lake Norman, N.C.~ With fishing music by Dubb-ya and The Stone Coons!AWESOME!!!

The Original
Lucky 7-11
Glow Top
planer bobber

The one That started it all...
The Original LUCKY 7-11 planer bobber! Read all about it!


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Fishing Music:
Get Into The Zone

The Stone Coons.
all fishin music, all the time
~ Fish 22~
"In The Element Tides"

Free fishing music downloads
fish 19

with Planer Bobber Purchase!
Get THREE must have fishin tunes by WSC for .99 cents!!! !
WSC tunes info page

Bass Walleye Perch Pike Musky Catfish Ultimate Fishing Tool

Trolling or Walk the Bank
For Big Bass, Big Whoppin Walleye, Premium Perch, Predator Pike, Monster Muskies, Colassal Catfish

The Planer Bobber
Does it all
Fishing from a boat or from the bank
~ lakes, rivers, ~
~ ponds, canals ~
DAY or NIGHT! Now with Glow in the dark top Mix

BASS FISHING Trolling Lake Norman w/ Captain Casey O' Toole

Trolling bass fishing using mini planer board bass fishing trolling Lucky 7-11 Planer Bobber with our "family spokesman", Capt Casey O'Toole~Lets go fishing!

BASS FISHING Topwater ACTION Ohio Power Secret Pond J_Joe 57

The Aegis 57 Directional Control Topwater Lure aka jicky_Joe" 57"~ Hand poured ~ hard plastic lure ~ Hand made ~ with glow in the dark mix! Fish day or night!

Catfishing ~ Trolling Drifting ~ what you will catch

Welcome to See Whopper catches on planer bobbers! ~
Click Here!
To See Whats Been caught On Planer Bobbers

~Trolling~ For Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Whoppers! this button takes you to:
Click Here!
To See Whats Been caught On Planer Bobbers

Trolling Catfish Planer Bobber Catch

One of many catfish caught on our planer bobbers! Catfishing here in Columbus Ohio!

Online planerbobber customers & jicky joe fisherman

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LIGHTHOUSE Photography
United States

Awesome Photographs from around the USA.


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Pifer Brothers
Affilate Program

What's InYour Tackle Box?
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Mini planer board indestructible!

Forget the rest! Get the best!
Hand Poured Hard Plastic mini planer boards.
They will never break apart like other mini planer boards on the market. Reliable proven design planer bobber. Day or night time fishing for catfish, big bass, striped bass, walleye, crappie.
They Glow in the Dark! Trolling from a boat or from shore. Walk the bank. Fishing fun for everyone. Teach your children about fishing. They will enjoy using mini planer boards . Planer bobbers keeps everyone active while fishing from the shore. All ages

Hootie Owl Boat Works

Coming soon! Download instructions and boat plans to build the Hootie 1060 SURGE! ~ LOA 11'2" Its fast and sleek!

On board ELECTRIC POWER ~ Drill motor ~ 1/2" 3000 RPM 750 WATTS DRILL MOTOR ~ FAST FAST FAST! ~ Solar panels to recharge Batteries and more!
check it out

Buy a cast-able Planer Bobber ~ Mini Planer Board
Lucky 7-11
Trolling Controlled Drift Fishing

Fishermen # 1 Choice Construction ~ Durability ~ Indestructible ~ Easy to Use ~ High night time Visibility

NEVER SPOOK a school of bass or catfish feeding again! Stealthy side planer action works!

They Glow in the Dark!
Go to our Online Store!
Its In The " Fishing Topics" portion of our site ~ Main Menu ~ Fishing Topics ~ Online Store
There is no match for durability. They Last for years and years.
All anglers agree! The use of the lucky 7-11 planer will find the fish, you will be able to cover every inch of any fishing location quickly and easily with this planer board.

----->>>>> Planer Bobber Forum <<<<<-----
catfishing bass fishing walleye trolling planer bobber forum mini planer boards ~ side planers

Discussion Board and more!
Share your views!

Send us a Planer Bobber Story!

~Catkiller~ on Lake Tillery North Carolina
Danny pursues record catfish!
Its Easy!
Just Log into our site. From The~ Main Menu: click on ~Submit news! !
Send us your Big Bass, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Hybrids, catch
catfish, crappie, walleye, muskie, pike. You name it, planerbobbers catch it!


~ World RECORDS ~Caught on Planer Bobbers

on fire!
Whoppin' Catfish! ~
Click Here!
Visit a really cool catfishing site!
And See What's Been caught On Planer Bobbers

Catfishing: 2016 Rodman Dam Palatka Florida

Posted by: hootie on Friday, March 11, 2016 - 05:36 AM 328 Reads
Catfishing TROLLING with  Planer Bobbers
Big Cat fishing with BIGCATFISHIN videos from you tube. 2016 adventure using PLANER BOBBERS.
Trolling and drift fishing from a kayak.

Extreme Kayak adventure on the lower side of the Rodman Dam. Palatka Florida ~ This river feed into Lake Kerr. Which in turn feeds into Lake George and empties into The St. Johns River.

planer bobber online store: Welcome to Planer Bobber Online Store!

Posted by: hootie on Monday, March 23, 2015 - 11:57 AM 1808 Reads
PLANER BOBBERS! and... They Glow in The Dark!
Buy a single planer bobber ~ 3 models to choose from ~ $34.95 - $37.95

2016 Special!
Buy 2 Planer Bobbers and Save 20%

Click Here ! Buy 2 planer bobbers and SAVE!

Five Pak O' Planer Bobbers ~ BUY 4 get 1 FREE!


The SALTWATER Lucky 7-11 3WAY MAKO planer bobber. Limited Edition ~ $39.95

We use PAYPAL~ for fast~ safe~ secure transactions

Catfishing: Straight ~ from The Planer Bobber Designer, HIMSELF!!

Posted by: hootie on Friday, October 31, 2014 - 04:12 AM 2263 Reads
Catfishing TROLLING with  Planer Bobbers
A catfishing Video From The Lucky 7-11 PLANER BOBBER DESIGNER Dan Pifer

Learn all about The PLANER BOBBER ~ Best Rigs, Best Bait, How to Video and BIG CATFISH catches Thru out the video.

SPECIALS: Fishin MUSIC and 3 WAY Planer Bobbers LIMITED EDITION Holidays 2014

Posted by: hootie on Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 01:00 AM 2060 Reads
Bass Fishing TROLLING ~ Planer Bobbers
SPECIAL ! Lucky 7-11 3 WAY planer Bobber with GRAPHICS ~ LIMITED edition ~ LIMIT one ~ 3 way with graphics per customer
( while supplies last)

Go to our ~ Planer Bobber ONLINE STORE ~ to order your LIMITED EDITION Lucky 7-11 3WAY Glow Top ~ Planer Bobber with GRAPHICS ~
Bass Fishing ~ DAY or NIGHT~ Trolling ~ STRIPER fishing ~ DAY or NIGHT
Catfishing ~ DAY or NIGHT

Planer Bobber Pan Fishing White Bass & Crappie

Posted by: hootie on Friday, November 29, 2013 - 07:45 AM 3471 Reads
Pan Fishing ? Planer Bobbers Catch ALL kinds of fish!

Planer Bobbers here! ~ get your planer bobbers here!" ~
in this video

we are catching crappie and white bass using
the PLANER BOBBER , trailing a Michigan STINGER "scorpion spoon".

wobbler works great when trolling with the 7-11 planer bobber
read article to see quotes

Planer Boards and Side Planer Boards: NEW COMMERCIAL to air during Super Bowl Week

Posted by: hootie on Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 02:57 AM 4323 Reads
Bass Fishing TROLLING ~ Planer Bobbers
Watch for our PLANER BOBBER commercial During SUPER BOWL WEEK !
It will air on BASSCAR racing ~ YOUTUBE
from: Little Sugar Creek in Charlotte, North Carolina ~ Check out more fishing with planer bobbers on youtube ~ channel name: VIDEOBREAKTHRU

planer bobber online store: 2013 Special PLANER BOBBER Fishing Spectacular

Posted by: hootie on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 06:30 AM 17672 Reads
Raising The Bar
GET 2 Planer Bobbers and SAVE 20% !!!
Just go to our ONLINE STORE.
Look for our "BUY 2 and SAVE" SPECIAL OFFERS.
Planer Bobbers are 2013's Hotest New Fishing Tool

Big Bass Fishing: Indiana Fishing expo ~ Talk with The Pros!

Posted by: hootie on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 09:48 AM 17517 Reads
Bass Fishing TROLLING ~ Planer Bobbers
Indiana Fishing Expo Jan 28th and 29th.

This is a great fishing event with guest speakers giving seminars on crappie fishing and bass fishing.

Be sure to check out The Indiana Slab Masters Booth

Tom Hankins and his guide service will be there!

ASK TOM about planer bobbers! He uses them on ALL his Catfishing Guided Tours!!!

Visit Toms web site for more information on this Indiana fishing event!

Catfishing: Family Fun with ~ The PLANER BOBBERS!

Posted by: hootie on Friday, January 13, 2012 - 05:17 PM 17373 Reads
planer bobber casting and trolling
What a Nice Day of Fishing!

Another planer bobber story

Bait & Tackle Stores: PLANER BOBBERS!!! ~ They Glow in the Dark ~

Posted by: hootie on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 06:41 AM 19642 Reads

Go to our Online Store!
We are Stocked up for the Holiday Season & NEW YEAR ~ 2012!

Catfishing ~ Bass Fishing ~ Musky ~ Pike ~ Crappie ~ Pan fishing.
Slow Trolling and Drift fishing DAY or NIGHT!!!

Fishing Music: Deep Space Fishing Fever

Posted by: hootie on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 05:30 AM 17038 Reads
The Bar Tides ~ Fisherman Comics
Mr. Spuck: "I Must Go to The DARK Planet Immediately!! ~ I cant explain it Captain, its a deep personal experience..."

OK all you TREKIES. Every one knows, Spock has to "get it" every 7 years.
In this video, Spuck has got The Fever ~ The FISHIN' FEVER ~ only real fishermen and trekie fans will get this one....

PON (d) FARR ~ Mr. Spuck ~ MONSTER bass FiSHiNG gnarly Planet ~ Deep Space blood fever Mr SPOCK.
Music by WSC ( Dubb-ya and The STONE COONS )

SUPER GNARLY Electric Trolling Motor with 4.75 hp OUTPUT

Posted by: hootie on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 08:12 AM 22593 Reads
Bass Fishing TROLLING ~ Planer Bobbers
The SUPER GNARLY 4.75 hp electric outboard motor ~ ANGLE GRINDER ~ outboard conversion Hop onboard the 1060 SURGE ~ The All Electric boat .It has Solar Panels, Electric Helm Steering, and... The SUPER GNARLY anGLe griNDer Electric outboard motor. Both AC and DC operations this is a versatile AFFORDABLE method for GOING GREEN!

Read MORE SUPER GNARLY~~~ Angle Grinder
Solar energy power

Tom Hankins Guide service SECRET WEAPONS!

Posted by: hootie on Friday, August 05, 2011 - 08:15 AM 21148 Reads
Catfishing TROLLING with  Planer Bobbers
Here is what a professional guide has to say about PLANER BOBBERS!!!
Raccoon Lake, Eagle Creek and Lake Cataract ~ INDIANA ~
Tom Hankins~ Has been interviewed by In-Fisherman and Published in there March and June 2011 issues of Game and Fish.

"The Planner Bobber has made me very successful at catching catfish no matter where I go.
I guided a trip this year on a lake that I have never catfished on and my clients caught 21 big cats.

If it wasn't for the Planner Bobber I would have never of gone to a lake with paying clients that I have never catfished before."

Big Bass Fishing: TROLLING ~ Catch all the bass fishing with planer bobbers!

Posted by: hootie on Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 08:36 AM 22549 Reads
Bass Fishing TROLLING ~ Planer Bobbers
Now you can find the bass fishing with the planer bobbers.
Use your usual tackle lures and plastics the same as casting but, pull more aggresively!
Stay in the zone at all times! Trolling speed ~very slow ~ is best.

Fishing Music: Fish 19 "PREDATOR" ~ Reel Fishing Music! ~ you'll be hooked

Posted by: hootie on Friday, June 25, 2010 - 05:40 AM 23866 Reads
Pifer Brothers
Fishing Music ~ Fishing songs
That ROCK!
all fishin music, all the time
Listen to ~Fish 19 ~ P R E D A T O R ~ click here!
Christopher L Pifer
buy a planer bobber and receive FREE download of this awsome fishing tune!
fish 19 PREDATOR ~From the album~ fish 22
" In The Element Tides "

You will be hooked on classic ROCK N ROLL fishing music.

"SOUNDS LIKE Waters of pink floyd" (fish22 In The Element Tides) ~ Causual listeners
"Hey man, great stuff I really dig it!" (fish 19 Predator) ~ Micheal Iaconelli ~ BASS PRO ~
"Swamp" (fish 22 In The Element Tides) ~ Chris Loper Sound Engineer
"Crystal Melodic" (fish 22 In The Element Tides) ~ Tom Starker BoMA's

Music for the fishermen ~ by fishermen.
Read more about WSC Fishing Songs ~ Click here ~

Old Dutchman Bait & Tackle, Columbus, Westerville, Ohio

Posted by: hootie on Tuesday, April 07, 2009 - 07:01 AM 41492 Reads
planer bobber casting and trolling
We would like to welcome The Old Dutchman Bait & tackle Store!

They now carry our Lucky 7-11 planer bobbers. Walk in or phone in your order with them!

Old Dutchman Bait & Tackle Store " We Sell Planer Bobbers!"
904 South Sunbury Rd.
Westerville, Ohio 43081
Tel: (614) 891-2653
Located one quarter mile south of Hoover Reservoir.

Hoover notes: Ideal Trolling location for crappie, bass, catfish ~ Read on for more info about Hoover Reservoir.

~ See all Three Models ~ Buy a single Planer Bobber ~ $34.95 - $42.95 each ~

Posted by: hootie on Tuesday, March 03, 2009 - 08:47 AM 37071 Reads

PLANER BOBBERS! and... They Glow in The Dark!

Buy a single planer bobber

3 models to choose from

We use PAYPAL~ for fast~ safe~ secure transactions
Free Music Download ~ fish 19 ~ "P R E D A T OR" with planer bobber purchase!

Catfishing: how to catch fish with planer bobbers big & small

Posted by: catkiller on Monday, February 23, 2009 - 02:12 PM 24134 Reads
planer bobber casting and trolling
Bigger and better catches guaranteed with planer bobbers

If your fishing from the bank or in a boat you can get awesome catches fishing with planer bobbers,

I fish mostly for catfish but have used planer bobbers to catch bass,crappie and walleye too. I will also do some striper fishing at the lakes here in North Carolina . The next world record is swimming in the huge lakes here and the planer bobbers will give me the edge to hook and land that monster.

Big Bass Fishing: trolling rig for bass

Posted by: basskicker on Sunday, February 22, 2009 - 08:02 AM 21395 Reads
Bass Fishing TROLLING ~ Planer Bobbers
Rig planer bobber with a 10 foot lead and use rapala 8 foot diver lure. rig planer bobber for port or starboard placement , open bail, let out 50 - 75 feet of line.

OR~ rig with Live Bait like shad or large minnow~ 3 foot leader, swivel, a sinker and depth lead of line from planer bobber ex: 10 foot for 8-10 foot bottom.

great for structure bottom or shelf drop offs 10 foot or more.Trolling speed -1 to 2 knots. Also beneficial to drift momentarily, then re establish trolling speed of 1-2 knots.

see the lucky 7-11 planer bobber!

Catfishing: Team Flopeye

Posted by: hootie on Friday, February 06, 2009 - 08:36 AM 20588 Reads
~World RECORDS~ Bass/Catfish/Stripers

See Team Flopeyes catch ~ World Record "Planer bobber" catfish ! 10 minute video. Find Team Flopeye pages

NEW! Super LUCKY Planer Bobber Video Forum

See Planer Bobbers in ACTION! As well as really cool ways to go GREEN! ~SUPER how to~ and Fishing!!! VIDEOS we all want to see.

Planer Bobber Rig for CATFISHING

Planer Bobber Sales

Current web sites

TOM HANKINS ~ hoosier crappie and catfish guide

Current Bait & Tackle Stores
Columbus, Ohio ~
Old Dutchman
Washington, Missouri ~

Lake Norman,
North Carolina ~

NEW! SUPER GNARLY 4.75hp electric outboard

onboard The all ELECTRIC boat with background music by WSC Dubb-ya and THE STONE COONS.Going GREEN!!

Hootie owl 1060 Surge~all electric boat~Gnarly ANGLE GRINDER

Power tools used for all underway operations. Music compliments of the band NOTHIN DOIN. ~ Tim the toolman would be proud. ~

Bank Fishing
Demo Video

How to
Throw a Cast Net



The Original ~7-11
Glow in The Dark
Planer Bobber

The one That started it all...
The Original LUCKY 7-11 planer bobber! Read all about it!

7-11 ~ 3 Way
Glow in The Dark
Planer Bobber

Tracks Port / Stbd Sides and Straight behind boat!

Planer Bobber
glows in the dark!

Welcome to


7-11 MAKO
3way Glow Top

Now fish SALTWATER and Brackish Water!
SALT WATER Sport Fishing!

Bass fishing, Walleye fishing, Catfishing

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catfishing bass fishing walleye trolling planer bobber forum mini planer boards ~ side planers

Discussion Board and more!
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Hand Poured Hard Plastic Indestructible Mini Planer Boards
Trolling Techniques tips and tricks Catfishing Bass Fishing Striped bass fishing Walleye Crappie
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Trolling Equipment ~ planer bobbers ~ Cast-able ~ Quick release
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